2019 Pizza Corner Fund Raiser

CLICK HERE to download the Pizza Order form. 


It’s time again for our annual Pizza Corner fund raiser.  Reminder, 100% of the proceeds from this fund raiser go to each athlete based on how much they sell (see below). 

Please return pizza orders to Val Gustavsson, Wendy Zander, Carissa Mongeon, Jill Sheldon, or Jennifer Bogner by Thursday, February 5th.  There is a home basketball games on February 5th.  They will be attending the game so you can turn in your forms there.  Or turn them into your coach or team club representative.  Or email valeriegustavsson@hotmail.com, cgm836169@gmail.com, jillmsheldon@gmail.com, or jenniferbogner3@gmail.com to make other arrangements.  

Delivery date is scheduled for Monday, February 18, 2019 from 4:00 to 5:10 pm @ Baymont (Seven Seas).  Please arrive as early as possible to help unload the truck; the more we have the faster it goes. 

****Please make a copy of your order form for your records.****


****Please have individual orders make the checks out to you and then one lump sum check gets made out to MBBC for the player or family per order form.

Pizza Prices:

Large Pizza’s (13”) - $8.50

Small Pizza’s (10”) - $6.50

Profit will be $2.00 per large pizza and $2.00 per small pizza.  All profits will go into the Show Me the Money (SMTM) accounts.  If we sell more than 750 large pizzas profit will go up to $2.50 per pizza, small pizzas will remain the same.