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Our Club

The Mandan Girls Backboard Booster Club is a group of parents with girls in basketball grades 2 - 12. The club provides the ability to combine resources to help our teams excel to their potential. The club also manages several basketball tournaments throughout the year along with other events to raise money that is provided back to the teams for their tournament expenses.


Traveling basketball club for girls in grades 2 - 12

Monthly Meetings


Monthly meetings are held the second Monday night of every month at 6:30pm. The meetings are held at The Eagles Club in Mandan.


President: Jason Harris

Co-Vice President: Troy Bitz

Co-Vice President: Brandon Bauer

Secretary: Kari Harris

Treasurer: Pam Bitz

Trustee: Justin Johnson

Trustee: Vince Geottle

Trustee: Valerie Gustavsson

Trustee: Kelly Benzinger

Trustee: Jon Benzinger

Trustee: Josh Haff

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